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Private Player Development

Book a Private Player Development Session

We have several experienced instructors waiting to work with your child.  For more information on costs & availability to schedule a Private Player Development session with one of our instructors, contact our trainers directly by using their link on the left!  You can also contact Sports Emporium at (920) 336-1900 or

Book a Private Goalkeeper Development Session

Every one knows that one of the most important soccer player's on the field is a goalie.  However, very little time is spent working with potential goalies to develop their craft.  During team practices, a coach has to spend his time with the other 11-15 players.  Individual goalkeeper development sessions are a fantastic way for a goalie to continue to improve!

To find out more information about a goalkeeper development session or to schedule a session, contact Sports Emporium at (920) 336-1900 or

What is Private Training and How Does it Work?

Private Soccer Training is an additional tool used to enhance an individuals skill level.  Private Player Development sessions typically run 1 hour and offer individuals an opportunity to work closely with an instructor. This differs from a typical team practice, where one coach has to focus on 12-18 individuals at time.  In a Private Player Development session, the instructors focus is solely on one individual.  


Private Small Group Player Development sessions are also a great way to enhance a players soccer abilities.  In a small group setting, the instructor works with a small number of players (typically 2-5 players of similar ability).  This allows for a more competitive enviroment than an individual session.  Small Group sessions are also a great way for teammates to grow their abilities together, in preparation for an upcoming season.