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Academy Coaching Philosophy

Sports Emporium U10 Academy Philosophy

Technical Competence by U11:

Our program endeavors to present all players with the tools and opportunities, within age-specific and age-appropriate environments, to be technically comfortable with the ball at their feet by the time they reach the U11 age group.

All players are presented with regular age-appropriate technical competitions to provide formal feedback (and motivation) Players are regularly assessed in competitive environments by our knowledgeable SE technical staff.


Enjoyment of the Game:

Our program endeavors to present techniques and tactics, and training and game environments in such a manner which promotes all players’ enjoyment of soccer.  Our goal is to develop a life-long love of the game, regardless of the eventual level of play a player attains.

We believe the learning process and the eventual degree to which a child can execute the basic techniques and tactics of the game is critical to a child’s existing and long-term enjoyment of soccer.

Our program policies value and promote retention, as much as new registration.  That metric is our best indicator that your child is enjoying his/her experience.


Tactical Awareness by U11:

Our program endeavors to present all players with the tools and opportunities, within age-specific and age-appropriate environments, to understand the basic individual and team tactics of 1v1 through 6v6 by the time they reach the U11 age group.  All of our coaches are presented with formal training plans for age-appropriate tactical expectations.




Desire to Improve:

Our program endeavors to facilitate an environment within each training session and competitive game which promotes a player’s desire to be better. Our coaches and administrators are trained to promote this approach in a manner respectful of players’ existing ability levels.  Incremental improvement means different things to different players. 

We believe teaching players the value of “improving,” as opposed to “never being good enough” is a vital distinction to be made for player and parent alike.


WYSA stands for Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association


-Sports Emporium/De Pere Select Academy provides an opportunity for a higher level of competition and training for the more serious player who has demonstrated the ability, skill development, and commitment to compete at a higher level. 

-Academy teams participate in a more competitive league, attend
additional tournaments, train indoors during the winter, and participate in indoor leagues. 

- Academy training focuses on the development of the individual
player. Individual technical skills must be developed in order to carry out the tactics needed to play select soccer. There are NO tactics without technique.

-Individual ball skills, creativity, and love of the game will create
exciting soccer players who can play on successful select teams at the highest levels.